Tony serves as Director and Executive Chairman.

As founder of the Company he has guided and built its products, driven all testing, and was instrumental in developing the team and partners.

Antonio (Tony) is a 22 year veteran of the construction industry and has directed field operations on a multitude of projects in the residential and commercial sectors. As the Vice-President of new construction and Brownfield restoration projects, his duties include participation at the pre-construction planning phase, project scheduling, and coordinating corporate-wide field operations and staffing for the firm. His expert navigation skills in challenging logistic conditions on contaminated sites, and a thorough knowledge of complex building systems, have resulted in a number of successful projects. Tony is responsible for the daily operation of projects under his supervision including management and coordination with clients, consultants, subcontractors and the project team to ensure successful completion that is within budget and adheres to time constraints. Tony has negotiated, written and awarded subcontracts; developed scheduling and logistics and phasing plans; consulted with clients, architects, engineers and contractors and ensures compliance within contract documents.


Serves as President & CEO.

As a corporate lawyer Joseph has experience working with public companies and the entrepreneurs who run them.

Joseph is on the Board of Directors of MTC Growth Fund-I Inc. a Toronto based listed Mutual Fund, has acted as General Counsel to Epsilon Energy Ltd. an oil and gas company (TSX: EPS), Corporate Secretary to Advanced Explorations Inc. an iron ore company (TSX-V: AXI), and a director of Fortune Tiger Resources Inc..

Joseph has a strong background and experience in building businesses, and received his B.A., B.S.W., and LL.B. degrees from York University and the University of Windsor Law School (2001)

Joseph is the President & CEO of Green On and works closely with its team and advisors at building value for the Company. As an Entrepreneur and business lawyer Joseph has experience in building successful businesses. Joseph is driven by the challenge and the learning, and has a keen appreciation for achieving success through business growth. Over the past twelve years Joseph has worked with accomplished TSX listed companies in the oil and gas, and mining sectors. As General Counsel to Epsilon Energy Ltd. a TSX listed Oil and Gas Company Joseph’s oil and gas experience included all legal matters for land acquisitions, corporate finance and production throughout the U.S. (New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Ohio), Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec), Ethopia and the Middle East. Since then Joseph has worked on various mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance negotiations which include involvement with Chinese State Owned Enterprises, publicly listed companies in Canada and China, private Chinese entities and high net worth Chinese business people. He has had direct involvement in starting or growing businesses such as gold and silver exploration, titanium exploration and production, and iron ore exploration. Joseph is also a member of the Board of Directors of MTC Growth Fund-I Inc., a private mutual fund that is publicly listed in Canada. Accomplishments Joseph was directly involved in negotiating terms for a joint venture that included up to $1 billion in capital expenditure financing for a mine located in Canada. Joseph was instrumental in creating a model framework for financing transaction with state owned enterprises that is non-dilutive and balances interests of both international investors with needs of north American companies requiring access to funds in a non-dilutive way. He regularly worked with Environmental Engineers, Bankers, Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, and particularly so in assisting a mining company achieve and complete its feasibility study. Joseph has been involved in managing all legal and finance matters for a $70 million Initial Public Offering. He provided direct advice to public companies through the financing, exploration, tender and service provider contract activities for mining companies with over $50 million in project expenditures for Canadian Northern exploration. Memberships Law Society of Upper Canada Education LL.B., University of Windsor, 2001 Called to the Bar, Ontario, 2002 B.S.W., York University 1996 Bachelor of Arts, York University, 1995


Dec is an Independent member of the Board of Directors, and technical advisor to the Company.

He has been in the oil spill business for over 30 years. He is currently the President of Oil Spill Control Services Inc. (1992 to present), an emergency response team dedicated to cleaning oil and related contaminants as they occur.

Dec is the former Emergency Response Coordinator for Imperial Oil Limited (ESSO) and was a charter member of Imperial’s National Emergency Response Team (Toronto, ON) and the Exxon International Emergency Response Team (Houston, TX).

Over the past 30 years, Dec has responded to and remediated over 2,000 petroleum products and hazardous materials spills and fires involving ship groundings, train derailments, pipeline ruptures, oil well fires and blowouts, residential and commercial petroleum products storage tank failures, tank truck rollovers, aviation incidents and a wide range of facility and in-plant emergencies.

Dec has had significant assignments over the past 30 years that include coordinating the off-shore recovery operations onboard the worlds largest oil skimmer, the Russian ship “Vydaghubsky” and providing technical advice onboard the United States Coast Guard Cutters (USCGCs) Yocona and Plaintree during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska; assisting the United States Coast Guard’s National Strike Team in response to the Ashland Oil 4,000,000 gallon diesel fuel spill in Floreffe, PA. U.S.A; consulting on the largest oil spill in the world (Kuwait oil well fires) and cleaning up the largest tar spill in a confined space in North America. Dec was retained in January 2009 to assess the environmental damage that was caused by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 1.1 billion gallon toxic sludge spill in Kingston TN. U.S.A. In April 2010, Dec was retained as a technical advisor on the Transocean Deepwater Horizon 200 million gallon crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. During 2011, Dec was also retained by Global Response Corp. as their technical advisor on major off-shore marine oil spills. Dec was presented with an industry award at the International Sites and Spills Conference as the Best Remediator for 2011. Dec has been qualified as an Expert Witness on a wide range of environmental matters by Ontario Courts. Dec has prepared hundreds of technical reports on contaminated sites and he has also testified in Court on numerous complex environmental matters. Training & Certification (partial list): Selected Publications and Presentations (partial list): Canadian Bar Association - Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. What Went Right, What Went Wrong United States Congress, House of Representatives, Washington DC: Task Force on the Environment Hazardous Materials Management Magazine - Firefighting Foams and the Environment Technical University of Nova Scotia - Prevention of Workplace Hazardous Materials Incidents Hazardous Material Management Magazine: Legendary Oil Well Firefighter Red Adair - In Memoriam Ontario Associations of Fire Chiefs - Assessing and Responding Safely to Haz-Mat Incidents Canadian Society for Chemistry, Simon Fraser University - Oil Spill Response Strategies & Tactics London Chamber of Commerce - Contingency Planning for In-Plant Spills and Fires Hazardous Materials Management Magazine - Spill Busters, Who Are You Going To Call Offshore Engineer (UK) – East African (Gas) Field Edges Ahead MIACC - Environmental Disaster Strike Team for Marine Spill Control and Oil Well Firefighting Industrial Accident Prevention Association - Responding Safely to Hazardous Materials Spills Hazardous Material Management Magazine - Safety Considerations for Fighting Tank Truck Fires Oil Spill Intelligence Report (US) – World Bank Finances Oil Spill Contingency Plan in Tanzania Chemical Week Magazine – Slick Maneuvers University of Toronto, EPIC - When Disaster Strikes Hazardous Materials Management Magazine- Environmental Response to a Plane Crash in a Remote Area Environmental Science & Engineering – Residential Fuel Oil Spills Can Ruin a Lifelong Investment Canadian Oil Heat Association – Residential Fuel Oil Spills – Causes of Spills and Effects on the Environment Scholastic Publications (Worldwide Edition) - Made in Canada, 101Amazing Achievements (Exxon Valdez Oil Spill) Toronto Star Newspaper, National Report – For Bugs with the Munchies (Oil Degrading Microbes) Hazardous Materials Magazine – Clean-Up of the Largest Tar Spill in a Confined Space in North America Environmental Science and Engineering – Brownfields - Goldmines or Landmines CBC News and CBC Radio – Clean-Up on the 401 (First anniversary of the Highway 401 tar spill) Hazardous Materials Management – Toxic Tennessee Spill (1.1 billion gallon TVA toxic sludge spill, Kingston TN.) Hazardous Materials Management – Enbridge Pipeline Failure and 800,000 gallon crude oil spill, Marshall, Michigan CBC News – BP Blowout Preventer Containment Cap –Deepwater Horizon 200 Million Gallon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico


Ferris H. Lander is a former Primary Examiner, having spent twenty-five years with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Mr. Lander's practice focuses upon biotechnology, particularly on technologies related to mass spectroscopic analysis of human disease markers and immunoassay techniques, organic compounds and fertilizer chemistry.

Mr. Lander's skills include the prosecution of Reissue and Reexamination applications, Interference and International patent practice.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950, Mr. Lander is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. His education includes a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Mr. Lander’s professional experience and memberships additionally include Ciba-Geigy Corporation as a Polymer Additives Chemist, membership with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Society, the Patent Law Association of South Florida, and BioFlorida.

Ferris H. Lander is a Registered Patent Agent, whose U.S. and International patent prosecution practice focuses upon strategic patent portfolio development in the life sciences, particularly chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology and medical devices. Mr. Lander collaborates with a select group of corporate, securities, trademark and FDA counsel, in order to provide strategic assistance to start-­‐up and early stage companies, thereby furthering their efforts to secure financing, and monetize their Intellectual Property portfolios. Mr. Lander joined the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in 1973, and served as a Primary Examiner in the chemical arts. Mr. Lander was responsible for examining patent applications dealing with chemical fertilizers, polymers, plant treating agents such as herbicides, chelating agents and nitrification inhibitors, soil conditioners, biological composts, water purification processes, affinity chromatography, ultrafiltration, gas separation and purification, biological soil remediation, and techniques for the separation of organic compounds at pilot plant scale and larger scales. During his 25-­‐year tenure with the USPTO, Mr. Lander was selected for a number of special projects, working with the Commissioner of Patents on the "Paperless Patent Office" project, which was the foundation of the paperless, digitized system in use today. Mr. Lander also served at the Office of Petitions, and was responsible for deciding upon such issues as inventorship, sufficiency of disclosure and the propriety of oaths and declarations. Mr. Lander was an instructor at the Patent Office Academy, where he developed training materials pertaining to claims analysis, action writing and affidavit practice, created and administered training modules for government agencies, inventors, patent professionals and administrative technology transfer professionals, co-authored and instructed a course on Patent Law for NIST, DOE and the California State University, and gave presentations to foreign representatives and patent professionals on the U.S. Patent system. Mr. Lander subsequently practiced with the McHale & Slavin, P.A. law firm from 1998 until 2011, where he specialized in both U.S. and International prosecution of patent applications in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering related subject matter. Particular areas of technology included water treatment technology, chemiluminescent processes and products, pharmaceutical compositions and carriers, proteomics related technologies, biotechnology processes and products produced thereby, e.g. cancer antibody technology, metabolic syndrome technologies, and blood treatment technologies. Mr. Lander has been responsible for the strategic development of several patent portfolios, which ultimately became a critical element in the successful exit strategies of his clients. Mr. Lander received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, where he was President of the Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Honor Society, and a member of Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemical Honor Society 9 January 2013 Page 2 of 2 and the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. He is currently a member of the Patent & Trademark Office Society, the Intellectual Property Law Association of Florida, BioFlorida, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, and the National Association of Patent Practitioners. He also serves as Vice President of the Angel Investment Forum of Florida, and is an active supporter of the South Florida Life Science Technology Hub.