DXR Storm Sewer Test Results



Environmental and Remediation Division
July 25, 2013
Green-On Industries
Attention: Mr. Tony Fiorda
Re:      DXR Storm Sewer Test Results
Dear Mr. Fiorda
At the request of Green-On Industries, Oil Spill Control Services Inc. conducted a series of tests to determine the dilution factor of DXR concentrate when it was introduced into municipal storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems.
Testing in municipal storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems could not be undertaken due to the presence of other contaminants in the systems, which resulted in “interference” during the laboratory verification sampling phase of the testing program.
The scope of our testing program included running clean water through a four inch PVC pipe equipped with sampling ports located at both ends of the pipe. DXR concentrate was introduced into the upstream sampling port where it was sampled. Samples were also collected at the downstream port upon completion of the test run.  The test was conducted 4 times over an 8 hour period.
The upstream and downstream samples were placed in the laboratory supplied sample bottles, which were sealed with an interior air (headspace) volume to allow for vapour development and measurement.
The concentrations of the DXR in the sample bottles were obtained by reading the meter of the PID. The maximum reading recorded within the sampling time was the vapour concentration recorded for each sample.  The sampling results are reported in parts per million (ppm). Please refer to Table 1 below for the results of each test run.
  •                      Table 1 - Water Samples PID Analytical Results                 
DXR Ratio to Water (litres)
PID Readings
Upstream Samples
PID Readings
Downstream Samples
DXR Concentrate – Test 1
1 to 5
DXR Concentrate – Test 2
1 to 6
DXR Concentrate – Test 3
1 to 8
DXR Concentrate – Test 4
1 to 10

The results of the field tests confirmed elevated levels of DXR concentrate were present in the four upstream samples (source) and the levels of DXR concentrate in the four downstream samples (destination) were all non-detect.
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Green-On Industries
DXR Storm Sewer Test Results
July 25, 2013 - Page 2
In conclusion, in all four test runs, the DXR concentrate had completely dissolved into the water column and there were no PID readings, visual observations or olfactory evidence of residual DXR in the 4 downstream (destination) samples.
Based on the results of our field tests, it is our opinion DXR concentrate will dilute very quickly in water moving through storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems. 
  • Respectfully submitted,
Oil Spill Control Services Inc.
Dec Doran                                                                                                     David Jackson, M. Sc  
Project Coordinator