Diesel Land Spill Case Studies

A diesel fuel spill occurred in a driveway of a commercial property in downtown Toronto –in 2013.
The spill contaminated an asphalt driveway and a brick walkway in front the building adjacent to the asphalt driveway.
Sorbent pads were used to remove the free phase (liquid) diesel fuel.

Sorbent booms were placed along a nearby catch basin during the asphalt and brick clean-up operations to prevent the oil from entering the storm sewers.
DXR was then sprayed over the impacted area.  Clean water under low pressure was spra yed over the impacted area to activate the DXR solution.
Water from a garden hose was then used to flush the diesel fuel into the designated recovery area (upgradient of the storm sewer catch basin).
The sorbent booms contained and absorbed the diesel fuel and the clean wash water went directly into the storm sewers.
Water samples collected from the catch basin confirmed no diesel fuel entered the storm sewer system during the clean-up operations.

After one application of approximately one litre of DXR and low pressure flushing of the impacted areas with clean water,
the impacted areas were clean with no visible traces of diesel fuel residue.
It is important to note that the diesel fuel vapours (aromatics) were completely eliminated
as soon as the DXR solution was sprayed directly on to the spilled diesel fuel.