Green On is a Canadian company that has developed, tested and patented a non-toxic chemical and biological product that can be used in cleaning or treating damage caused by oil spills in the natural soil and marine environment. The non-toxic nature of our product has allowed us incorporate non-invasive bacteria originating in Canada that consume total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and benzenes, toluenes, ethylbenzenes and xylenes (BTEX) in the natural environment.
Green On Industries continues to pursue our commitment to provide eco-friendly solutions to our partners and customers.

Green On’s eco-friendly products comprise of fully biodegradable, non-hazardous components and use safe natural micro-organisms to provide environmentally sensitive solutions to a wide range of sectors including aquaculture, manufacturing, industrial process, wastewater, effluent treatment, petroleum and chemical contamination in soils and groundwater. Green On’s eco-friendly treatment products are based on specific formulations of naturally occuring microbes. These components are carefully blended with nutrient sources and carriers to create natural, high performance alternatives to traditional remediation technologies.

In testing and using the DXR™ formula we have developed a highly effective, non-flammable and non-toxic cleaning agent for use in most retail and industrial-commercial settings. Advanced, scientifically formulated non-toxic cleaning and remediation technologies developed for the world’s most demanding environments. Green On Industries is an innovative, industry leading cleaning products and remediation technology company serving global environmental, municipal and industrial markets.

Our Successes

Our DXR™ product biodegrades to internationally accepted standards in the natural environment as tested by a respected Canadian Accredited University

It has been found to be non-toxic to the most sensitive or susceptible species part of the marine ecosystems by independent laboratories in Canada and the United States.

Our products are Patented in the U.S., and patent-pending in Canada, Australia, and Europe, Eastern-European Countries.

The incorporation of bioremediation bacteria enhance hydrocarbon biodegradation capacity, reduce total clean-up time and promote growth of natural flora in soil environments. This process helps to reclaim sites for normal, functional use.

Most importantly, our product is non-toxic and safe for use by oil spill clean-up or related professionals.