Soil Bioremediation

A combination of native, non-pathogenic microorganisms and its corresponding biosurfactant product to augment the bioremediation process of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil.


Spill & Industrial Cleaners

Uses a surfactant product to augment the bioremediation process of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil and on solid surfaces. An immediate reduction in sheen and vapour is also achieved.

Mold Abatement

Kills Stachybotrys chartarum
and other mold within minutes.
There is no spore regrowth.
It is safe on all types of surfaces.


The Problem

Petroleum-based products are the major source of energy for industry and daily life. However, accidental leaks and spills occur often during production, refining, transportation and storage of petroleum products. The release of petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment is a main cause of water and terrestrial pollution. Petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated environments are harmful to the local wildlife as well as plant life and air quality can be compromised. Common soil remediation techniques include mechanical, burying, evaporation, dispersion and washing. However, these practices are expensive and often lead to incomplete removal of contaminants.

The Solution

Bioremediation is the use of microorganisms to detoxify or remove pollutants from the environment by utilizing their diverse metabolic properties. Bioremediation by natural populations of microorganisms represents one of the primary mechanisms by which petroleum and other hydrocarbon pollutants can be removed from the environment. Bioremediation is an evolving methodology that is non-invasive and cost effective when compared to the traditional methods of marine and terrestrial remediation. At Green On Industries, we create formulations of microorganisms for use in bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, providing an effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution.

About Green On Industries

Green On is a Canadian company that has developed, tested and patented a non-toxic chemical and biological product that can be used in cleaning or treating damage caused by oil spills in the natural soil and marine environment. The non-toxic nature of our product has allowed us incorporate non-invasive bacteria originating in Canada that consume total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and benzenes, toluenes, ethylbenzenes and xylenes (BTEX) in the natural environment.

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